About The Wyandotte Historical Society
Our History
The Wyandotte Historical Society was established in 1958. The first Society Museum was opened in 1966. The Wyandotte Historical Society is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization.
Our Misson
The object and purpose of the Historical Society shall be to bring together people interested in the history of Wyandotte; to suggest the collection, preservation and display of authentic documents, historical records and relics, and anything of interest and value in its educational, cultural economic and spiritual heritage.
Our Creed
We believe that the efforts to acquaint the people of the Wyandotte area with the history of our stable industries, honest business houses, dedicated churches, good school systems, and excellent government will result in better citizenship for all ages
- Wyandotte Historical Society
The Memorial Fund
This Historical Society, recognizing the need for the long term financing for the operation of a museum, initiated the Memorial Fund in, with Homer Steele as its chairman. With the formation of a committee under Steele's leadership, guidelines were finalized for presentation to the genersl membership. At the general meeting help on Janunary 14, 1972, guidelines for the Memorial Fund were formally adopted. The goal was to accumulate an endowmenet of sufficient amount ro provide interest and dividends only, in support of the museum. No monies were to be expended from the prinicipal itself.

The Memorial Fund is autonomous in that names for committee replacements will be presented to the Wyandotte Historical Society President, by the Memorial Committee for approval. Changes to the guidelines are made by The Memorial Committee and must be approved by the general membership.

All donations to the endowment fund are acknowlegded and recognized in our Memorial Books on public display at the McNichol Museum and are tax deductible.
The Museum Guild
The Museum Guild, an approved committee of the Wyandotte Historical Society, was established in 1972. At its organizational meeting, 13 members were present and Valerie Brighton was elected it's first president. Its main purpose was to provide an opportunity for museum visitors to purchase items and souvenir relating to local history. In the beginning, a small counter provided display space for these sales items. During the late 80's, with encouragement and help from the museum director, the sales inventory was expanded and larger sales space provided in hopes of not increasing sales for the Guild, but to encourage the public to visit the museum and gift shop. Today the shop occupies a bedroom on the 2nd floor of the McNichol Home and has a large selection of gifts in addition to our many publications and Cat's Meow collectibles.
Wyandotte Historical Society Board Members
President: George Purdu
Vice-President: George Gouth
Secretary: Robert Rudowski
Treasurer: Mary-Johna Wein
Wallace Hayden
Heidi Loszewksi
Richard Snyder
Mary Washko
Nan Wesser
Dianne Weinman

Past President: Ken Navarre
Office Consultant: Beth Ladadie
Newsletter Editor: Beth Ladadie